Environment, Health, and Safety

We are strongly committed to safety in operations at all times, and ensuring minimal impact on the environment. From planning to execution, EHS is a critical component of all URC projects, and is part of the culture and ethos of the company.

URC’s Vision: Zero Accidents

EHS - Several initiatives have been put in place to ensure that our safety standards are maintained and are constantly improving as we grow. In addition to mandatory induction training for every employee and mandatory basics of personal protective equipment (PPE), URC has regular training programs, daily checks, routine internal and external audits, an employee award system to incentivize maintenance of standards, and several other company-wide set ups to achieve our EHS vision.

LIFE: Leadership for Injury-Free Environments

Leadership for injury-free environment (LIFE)

LIFE is an initiative geared towards sustainable EHS across all projects and operations. The aim of LIFE is to build ownership of the EHS program into every employee’s work ethos. All stakeholders involved in any URC project, from workers to clients are part of LIFE.

Core Principles:

  • All incidents and injuries are preventable.
  • Injury-free operations are possible in construction in day-to-day operations.
  • Each member of URC is empowered and has the freedom to stop all unsafe acts or unsafe conditions in any project.

EHS Certificates