Petroleum Projects

"Ever since we partnered with Indian Oil in 1992, we have made major strides in the Oil & Gas sector with projects that span refineries and retail outlets adhering to stringent HSE standards."

Starting out as an infrastructure services oriented construction company, we diversified in to institutional and factories in 1972. Today, the portfolio is of a diverse range that spans many categories across textiles, education, oil, infrastructure, sugar, aeronautical, residential and office buildings. The rich experience gives us the ability to handle turnkey projects for clients, from project planning and engineering to consulting. At any point in time, we are developing projects for clients across India of varying sizes and complexities.

  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd, Chennai
  • Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd, Chennai
  • Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd, Chennai

  • Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Chennai
  • Indo-Burma Pertroleum Ltd, Nagapattinam