About Us


"URC is today on an accelerated growth path with major acquisitions in machinery, diversification of the Group’s activities and the completion of major projects."

URC Constructions has grown from a small contract builder working on public sector projects to a multi-million dollar national contractor with a diverse and unparalleled portfolio of successfully completed projects. In the 1950s and 60s, the company started out work with a number of public sector projects such as the construction of canals, dams, irrigation and power projects. In the late 60s, URC entered mass housing projects. The 70s saw the company foraying in to institutional buildings and construction of factories and facilities for core sector industries of sugar, education and textiles.

In the 1980s, the next generation joined the business and it was marked by the successful completion of a string of projects in a select set of industries along with a number of housing projects.

The early 90s was a period of consolidation and organization. It was also when the group entered the Oil & Chemical sector. This followed the acquisition of heavy machinery to boost assets. Recognizing the need for modernization, URC engaged technical and management consultants to stay up to speed.